Chesca - UK

Chesca is a Ladies fashion retailer selling through a vareity of channels - own brand shops, concessions in HOF, JL, AH, and a popular mail order division. Prior to the implementation of Aintranet, they relied on spreadsheets and a separate inventory control system. Chesca approached us to help them overcome the difficulties they were encountering in this field. They had identified inaccuracies in their current inventory control system, due to their current systems not being as scalable to their business model as they would have liked. This lack of scalability was leading to inaccuracies in the stock management and consequently inefficiencies in time and money.
By implementing AIntranet, we were able to explore a number of areas, identify these problems, and ultimately reduce costs, through ensuring accuracy in stock levels thereby eliminating excess stock outlay. Increase both efficiency and productivity within a number of areas of the company, but most importantly to Chesca within the warehouse. The accurate stock levels and barcoding reduced miss-picks and ordering discrepancies consequently ensuring satisfied customers.
Communication between departments was also a problem area. We provided the means to enable separate departments to log discussions and developments online, and to attach these conversations to the relevant products. This has meant that the development of all products can be accessed and tracked by those involved, thereby minimising error, confusion and inconsistency whilst providing a full traceability.

Summary of Chesca’s Solutions

  • Scalable Software
  • EAN Barcoding
  • Central Collaborative Workspace
  • Sales Analysis & Reports
  • Online Customer Ordering Integration


Vandanel Premier Ltd is one of the UK’s leading Sportswear suplliers, providing clubs and societies of all levels with top of the range kit, from socks to muscle fit training tops. They operate through a number of channels, from design and manufacture and minor customisations of stock items, to manufacture of bespoke designs for football clubs such as Woking F.C., Yeovil Town F.C., Dagenham & Redbridge F.C. and Barnet F.C.
Prior to the introduction of AIntranet, Vandanel relied on Sage for the Nominal Ledger, Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger as well as for Stock Management. They were very happy with the service that Sage provided for the Financials, however were growing increasingly frustrated with the inefficiencies and inaccuracies within the stock management side of Sage. We were asked to integrate AIntranet with the financial side of Sage to provide Vandanel with a complete software package to accurately manage both aspects of their company.
Through the implementation of not just an accurate stock management system, but barcoding and relocating their warehousing to within our facilities, we were able to greatly reduce the stock holding that Vandanel had previously required. This therefore reduced their outlay in stock, and also introduced greater efficiencies in the order completion process, saving both time and money for the company.

Summary of Vandanel’s Solutions:

  • Sage Integration
  • EAN Barcode Introduction
  • Outsourcing Warehousing
  • Online Customer Ordering
  • Stock Count




Damsel in a Dress

Damsel in a Dress is a startup ladies fashion retailer run by an entrepreneur with little experience in the fashion industry. Damsel had the product but didn’t have the market, they had identified that John Lewis would be a perfect location to reach their target market. John Lewis have very high standards in terms of software packages and their capabilities for reporting and data-flow, which at the time Damsel did not have.
AI were asked to consult with Damsel to provide software and advice on how to reach the high levels of accuracy and detail of reporting that John Lewis required to be accepted as a concession retailer.
To ensure that the flow of data from the POS systems used by John Lewis and Aintranet were reliable, 100% accurate and secure, we integrated Atlas FTP, the global provider of data migration software for the retail industry, with Aintranet. The in-depth stock and sales reporting provided by AIntranet allowed Damsel to analyse all product and sales data to ensure they were operating in the most profitable and efficient manner. Once again this was required to conform to the rigorous standards requested by John Lewis.
Once AIntranet was implemented it allowed Damsel to rapidly expand from a start-up with no go-to-market plan to having concessions in 10 John Lewis stores around the UK. The scalability of the software then allowed them to expand further with none of the usual hassle, currently Damsel are in every John Lewis in the country, and are continuing to look for growth opportunities.

Summary of Damsel in a Dress’ Solutions:

  • Go-to-Market Consultancy
  • Extensive Sales Reporting to Conform with John Lewis’ Standards
  • Scalable Software Solutions
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Atlas Integration