Stocks & Stores

AIntranet brings all of your business processes into one secure and easily manageable, hosted system. Providing all members of your company with real-time information whenever and wherever they need it. The fully integrated stock and sales system to manage all aspects of inventory control from Purchase Orders to the Tills.



Purchase Orders

Create, store and place PO's from within AIntranet, allowing full traceability of the order process all in one place. Giving your warehouse, sales team and financial staff a real-time view of when the goods will be arriving, when they'll be available for sale and when the invoices are due. Allowing for better financial planning, improved space management and accurate information for satisfying customer's orders.


A real-time product database that not only stores basic product information but also lets you attach files, orders, technical specifications and images to help identify the product at-a-glance. Save relevant email conversations, notes or comments to each product to create a rich product development history providing full traceability across your whole product offering.



A database of all Stores or Concessions, giving Head Office a detailed view of the performance of each outlet through specific KPI's. Allows stock to be monitored and moved according to product sales in each outlet, therefore maximising the ability to react to ever changing trends.



We know that it's a hassle ensuring multi-channel sales are registered accurately and seamlessly, so we've developed three different kinds of behind-the-scenes sales, to cover any eventuality. AIntranet can help whether you sell direct to customers, on or offline, or deliver goods as a wholesale. If you sell through concession or your own shops our point-of-sale software, Receipts, integrates with the system to provide you with a real-time tool for collating and analysing sales information in-store