Having data to look at is useful, but having accurate up-to-date information is important. Our reports give you the data and KPI's that you need to assess the performance of your products and points of sale. These reports were developed in conjunction with our customers and industry experts, so you know that you will always have exactly the right information at your disposal, exactly when you require it.



Daily Sales Reports

Displays the daily sales figures for each store or concession to give you real-time sales figures for performance analysis. Allows you to see the performance of the store as a whole or individual products.


Weekly Stock Movements Reports

Displays all movements of stock; deliveries, sales, returns or transfers to give you an overview of where your stock is at all times.


Sales by Shop

The all encompassing report for analysing sales across all concessions and affiliated stores to give a true picture of company wide sales performance



A report that every company should have, knowing your best selling products allows you to identify the areas that might need extra cover throughout a season, the products that should be continued and successful styles that can be repeated. Ultimately giving you an insight into exactly what your customers want, therefore allowing you to act on this and service their needs.


Most Returned Products

As important as it is to know your best selling products, its as important if not more so, to identify your weakest product or range to avoid unnecessary outlay on stock that will not sell. Early identification means that valuable sales space can be dedicated to products that are in the best sellers category rather than to products that will not sell.